Other Services

In addition to a great place to stay we also offer

  • Spanish Clasess.
    Our teaching experience make you enjoy to learn
  • Comunnity kitchen.
    A place where you can enjoy your food peacefully.
  • Laundry Services.
    Where your clothes are treated like a VIP guest.
  • Internet Services.
    Because we know what is to be away from your loveones.
  • Opportunities

  • Volunteer with us.
    Have a great time as a volunteer in the hostal. To find out how just write to us at:
  • HTML tutorial

We offer several kinds of rooms

Private Room & bathroom
Our private room with its own bathroom is one of a kind giving the traveler the feeling of he has never left home, try the tranquility of this rooms.
1 double bedBed
12%Goverment Tax included
Double with Share Bath
Our doubles with share baths have the advantaje that you can also choose with bunk beds to share the experience with your friends.
1 & 1Double & bunk
12%Goverment Tax included
Our dorms are for you and your friends, equipe with bunk beds so you can share those special moments with your travel partners, como enjoy!!
12%Goverment Tax included

Tips for you!!!

  • Dorms
  • We have available many different room's configurations, contact us to find out the best for you!
  • E-mail us
  • at info@colonialhousequito.com to confirm availability and more details of your reservation.
  • Groups
  • If you feel like coming with your friends and enjoy your visit to our country, we make discount to groups.
  • Our commitment
  • We in the Colonial House just want the best for our travelers, so feel free to ask, we can help you!!

    Promotions and Opportunities

  • Volunteers
  • If you feel like helping and want to give us a hand, just ask for our volunteer program and we will tell you how!
  • Long stay?
  • You want to stay longer but you are not sure if you can? Well, we can help you by giving you the best prices, remember we love to help you!
  • Want to help?
  • If you want to help us, please leave your comment on one of our afiliates!! We can grow together!! Remember if you leave your comment we can inprove and give you a better service!!